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The Bridges Organization

Journals and Magazines

Journal of Mathematics and the Arts
New Peer-Reviewed Journal

The International Society of the Arts, Mathematics, and Architecture

Nexus Network Journal
Architecture and Mathematics On-line

Visual Mathematics
Visual Mathematics on-line

Mathematical Imagery
 Presented by the American Mathematical Society

Geometry in Art and Architecture
Fields of Knowledge

Mathematics of Architecture
Plus Magazine


Knotting Mathematics and Art
University of South Florida, Tampa

Form and Symmetry: Art and Science
Form and Symmetry 2007, Buenos Aires

International Society of Art, Math, and Architecture

Mathematics and Culture
Organized by Michele Emmer

Mathematics and Design
Blumenau, Brasil, July 1-4, 2007

Symposium at University of Southern Denmark

Nexus 2008
Architecture and Mathematics

Mathematics and Art Workshops

Math-Art Seminars
London Knowledge Lab


The Bridges Organization

Special Interest Group on Mathematics and the Arts
Mathematical Association of America

International Society of Art, Math, and Architecture

Interesting "Math and Art" Related Links

Mathematical Art
Virtual Math Museum

Math Imagery
American Mathematical Society

Buckminster Fuller Archive
Stanford Humanities Lab

Landary Art
Prints, Tesselations, and Philosophy of Kenneth E. Landary

The web site for Tessellations, a company that produces puzzles and other products that combine art and math

Math Art Fun and, an online store and gallery featuring books, puzzles, posters, orginal artwork and more related to the combination of math and art.

Mathematica-based software for creating mathematical and algorithmic art

Mathematics and Music
"May not music be described as mathematics of the sense, mathematics as music of the reason?" -- J. J. Sylvester

The art and science of visualization in approximation of zeros of polynomials

Dave Colbert's Sculpture Online
Online Gallery of Sculpture

Wide BrownLand

Centre for the Popularisation of Mathematics

One of the most beautiful books of the 19th century
Oliver Byrne's Edition of Euclid

Indra's Pearls
Plus Magazine


Reza Sarhangi