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Paul Stacy


"Ribbons of Rhythm"

Giclee digital print, 22" x 14" , 2009.

Ribbons of Rhythm (foreground image with detail behind) is an exploration of the aesthetic qualities of Penrose tiling. David Austin in "Penrose Tilings Tied up in Ribbons", describes the ribbons thus: "Opposite sides of a rhomb are parallel to one another. Therefore, if we begin with a rhomb and a pair of opposite sides, we may form a "ribbon" by adding the rhombs attached to that pair of opposite sides and then continuing outward". The print reveals only a single family of parallel ribbons in one orientation, however there are another four orientations associated with a five fold Penrose tiling.

Paul Stacy, Landscape Architect
Sydney, Australia

"Without a programming or mathematical background, I explore my interest in Penrose tiles by hand building patterns in Corel Draw and experimenting with colors, shapes, welding, contouring and other functions that allow me to explore the aesthetic realm of Penrose tiling, which continues to hold my interest particularly as long range positional order and beauty are revealed."