Nat Friedman

“Spiral Möbius ”

Stoneware, 12” x 8” x 12”, 2006.

This sculpture was made by starting with a cut circular band of clay and then bending and twisting before rejoining the cut ends. Props were used to preserve the shape while drying. The form was then sanded, low fired, sanded, and then high fired.

“Trefoil Knot Minimal Surface”

Limestone,10” diameter x 6” depth, 2006

This sculpture was carved from a circular piece of limestone. The form is based on the shape of the soap film minimal surface on a configuration of a wire trefoil knot. There is a nice interaction of the form and space with light and shadow.

Nat Friedman Professor Emeritus, University at Albany-SUNY

"I have been an avid sculptor since taking a sculpture class in 1971. I was strictly a carver of wood and stone but discovered the advantage of clay for sculpting Möbius bands and knots when taking a ceramics class in 2003."