Clifford Singer

“Space Series, Composition #s 71, 73, Superstring. 2, Contrast”

Acrylic on Lexan, 36" x 72", 2007© .

“As a model -- this painting represents space and time, the singularity of beginning and end points are of an anomaly. In the painting I suggest the dynamics of a hyper spherical space that continually expands the structural space and geometrical fragmentation in space-time from a Big Bang. A hyper sphere in this case also shows how all points and segments in the universe are interconnected, even when they appear to be separate from one another. It is here that I attempt to find timelessness. In space-time curvature the geometrical strain illustrates a deformation of space. The connectivity and colinearity within non-linear incidence geometry raise constructibility questions. To establish a distinction that is an event localized in space and time; that this creative event takes place at a world point, a here and now, reflected through the assemblage of a structural space representative of space-time in geometrical terms, is an ultimate fact. In the art one can identify a time axis with our world line. Creative formation, and building of these geometrical spaces serves as a cosmogony for these images of an existing universe remain contained within edges of the picture plane. So, pursued through painting, works of art yielding a structural space perceived in space-time yields the image.”

Clifford Singer, Independent artist and mathematics teacher

"As a student of the works and ideas of Josef Albers and Rudolf Arnheim, the use of color and equilibrium are inseparable from my art. In 1973, I acquired a copy of G. Spencer Brown's, Laws of Form which until today remains a major reference to my work."