Laura M. Shea

“Heart to Heart Bracelet”

Beadwork, glass and crystal beads, thread, sterling clasp, 8”x1.5”, 2007.

Beaded reversible bracelet in three-bead-per-side triangle stitch-- a bead netting stitch that follows the framework of regularly tiled triangles. The color pattern evokes a heart shaped outline and a spectrum color scheme with crystal bead ornamentation.

Laura M. Shea, Beadwork Artist, Instructor, Author

"My beadwork explores new stitching frontiers using classic geometric forms ranging from regular tilings, regular and semi-regular tessellations and whole and partial frame polyhedra. I connect component forms at contiguous polygonal faces creating chains and complex polyhedral structures with small glass beads and thread. The open networks of tilings, tessellations and frame polyhedra provide a magical space for light to play with glass."

Other works by the artist

“Totally Polyhedron Lariat 2-'Greenstockings' ”

Beadwork, matte and translucent glass beads, thread, 42” long, end beads each 1” in circumference, 2007.

Three dimensional angle stitched chain of alternating color pattern dodecahedra ending in two bead combinations: one formed with a dodecahedron and truncated icosahedron encapsulated in a partial great rhombicosidodecahedron embellished with cubes and the other, with a great rhombicuboctahedron connected by cubes to truncated octahedra.

“Second Wave of Triangles Cuff-'Stained Glass' ”

Beadwork, copper and glass beads, thread, 8” x 2”, 2007.

Self-embellished triangle stitch in undulating outline and modified dodecahedra button toggles.