Dominique Ribault

“Elephants and Mouse”

no medium given, no dimensions given, 2007.

Grid of 3 sorts of logarithmic spirals. 1 yellow spiral is going out, 17 red ones are going out, 18 orange ones are coming in, and with each round, the yellow elephants grow bigger according to the golden number. Also the elephants’ trunks are Archimedean spirals. On the web page you can see these yellow elephants running away upon mouseover. Also, the number of spirals of each color can be modified automatically as well as the similitude ratio.

Dominique Ribault (French)
Professor of Mathematics, artist, Mission Laique Francaise

"Inspired by Escher and Vasarely, my artworks use recent mathematical theory about the relationships between topology and group theory. I have created tessellations involving planes, polygons, logarithmic spirals, cylinders, spheres, tori and knots for all the 19 families of plane tessellations (for 15 wallpaper groups there is only one way to form tessellations but for groups PG and PGG there are two different topological ways). Figures are high-resolution vector images and the print size of the illustrations is several square meters at a resolution of 600 ppi."