Andrew Pike

“Sierpinski Carpet”

Digital (printed on canvas), 16.75" x 20.25", 2007.

"Sierpinski Carpet" is a tile mosaic of Waclaw Sierpinski. Each tile is an iterate of the Sierpinski carpet. When viewed up close, the separate squares are clearly visible. Stepping back reveals what appears to be a grainy photograph of Sierpinski.

“Sierpinski Carpet (detail)”

Andrew Pike, Student (Senior, majoring in Mathematics and biology and minoring in computer science and religion), Oberlin College

"I am new to the game of mathematical art. Currently I am a senior at Oberlin College studying how mathematical optimization techniques can be used to create pieces of visual artwork. My supervisor is Robert Bosch, known for his "Opt Art", including Domino Art and TSP Art. I am fascinated by the way the human brain is able to blend the separate pieces of a mosaic into one cohesive picture. "