Thomas C. Hull

“Hexagonal Wrap (Eulerian Cycle on an Octahedron)”

Canson paper, 9" x 14" x 14", 2005.

A large hexagon-shaped piece of paper is accordion-pleated in a special way into a flat object which is then twisted into a 3D shape. Wet folding is used to make the paper hold this 3D form. The shape of the model outlines an approximate octahedron. If one carefully follows the perimeter of the paper, one sees that it traces an Eulerian cycle on the octahedron.

Thomas C. Hull, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Merrimack College

"I concentrate on origami that is based on geometric concepts. Origami and geometry both inherently possess elements of simple beauty and stunning complexity. Exploring this interplay is central to my artwork."

Another work by the artist

“Spiraling 20-gon”

Elephant hide paper, 10" x 10" x 17", 2007.

An annular piece of paper in the shape of a 20-gon is pleated using concentric 20-gons. This was wet-folded into a double-spiral shape, creating an illusion as to what the original paper must have been.