Roland de Jong Orlando


Wood, paint, 26.4" x 13.8" x 7.9", 2005.

This sculpture is the well-known symbol of infinity. I constructed it from 112 pieces of wood, cut under the same angle. The picture shows 4 different points of view: the sculpture is a mobile, driven by a small motor, as it was on exhibition at the Biennale of Cairo in December 2006:

Roland de Jong Orlando, Freelance artist

" 'Playing with rules'
The first experience you have when you look at an image is of esthetic nature. Grasping the order, proportions or other rules that the artist has applied is an intellectual experience which follows afterwards, possibly. This intellectual experience can make that the esthetic appreciation of the image becomes more intense. As an artist, I do apply rules to achieve order in chaos, both in the construction of my sculptures as in the proportions. I don't handle those rules as an absolute factor, but in a playful way. Most of the time my starting point comes from order. This is already obvious in my choice of material: cylinders (straight or curved tubes) or beams. This material is then divided into some basic elements, with which I start playing by combining, organising and manipulating them: the final form often is not thought out in advance, but 'discovered' in the process."