Harriet Brisson


Stoneware clay, reduction fired c/10, 7" x 7" x 7", 1990.

"Clouds" has a surface design that demonstrates a unique way in which a cube may be divided equally in half. It is not a cross-section. When a solid cube is cut along these lines, it may be separated into two halves that are exactly the same in shape, size and volume. I have explored cubes through truncation, instellation and cross-section and found this one to be very interesting, aesthetically and mathematically. The glaze and firing technique further enhance its beauty.

Harriet Brisson, Professor Emeritus of Art, Rhode Island College, Providence, RI

"The search for beauty exists in the Arts and Sciences. Artists and mathematicians are searching for the elegant solution to problems. Both depend on thinking creatively and freely allowing manipulation of ideas in unconventional ways, unrestricted by existing theories. Following a creative path is the way to the discovery of new forms and concepts. Their approaches may differ, but both have the common goal - a fuller comprehension of the true nature of reality."