Laura Shea

"Rainbow Lei"

Beadwork--glass matte seed beads (Japanese size 11), Silamide thread, Conso cord. Length--26", 2003

Composed of individual and compound frame bead polyhedra "Rainbow Lei" explores a color progression of the spectrum. The lei consists of individual dodecahedra ('Plato beads'), truncated icosahedra ('Archimedes beads'), and twenty-five 'Eureka' beads. The 'Eureka' beads each have an underlying truncated icosahedron serving as the matrix for twelve dodecahedra growing from the pentagonal faces of the truncated icosahedron. A chain of dodecahedra form the pentagonal loop and bar toggle. The single-needle thread path through each polyhedron is a continuous spiral.

"Totally Polyhedron Lariat"

Beadwork--glass seed beads with metallic coating (Japanese size 11), Nymo thread, and 3mm crystal bicone beads. , Length--52 inches , 2005.

A lariat of bead polyhedra including: a chain of dodecahedra ending in morphed and regular truncated icosahedra, dodecahedra, truncated octahedra and great rhombicuboctahedra embellished with each other, cubes and woven polygons; each polyhedron sharing a polygonal face with adjacent forms.

"Triangle Wave Bracelet"

Beadwork--matte and silver lined glass seed beads (Japanese size 11), Fireline, sterling bar clasp. 18. Dimensions 1.5" wide by 9" long, 2005

The bracelet has a base of angle-stitching in the regular triangle tiling with waves of additional tiling rows of triangle stitch as self-embellishment.

Laura Shea is Beadwork Artist, Instructor and Bead Seller

Statement about my art:
"My work explores simple and complex two and three dimensional geometric forms using beads and thread in a variety of sizes and materials. I specialize in "angle-stitching". The three regular tilings (square, triangle, and hexagon) can be interpreted in specific styles of bead netting known as right angle weave, triangle stitch and hexagonal stitch. Most semi-and demi-regular tessellations can also be beaded. Angle-stitching can be two-dimensional (flat) or three-dimensional and volumetric (polyhedra). I enjoy the irony of working in highly symmetric forms with materials (glass and leaded crystal beads) that are essentially chaotic plastics made of silica and ash transformed by fire. I love executing continuous spiral thread paths through my beadwork as nature's energy through matter or our DNA through our bodies."