Juan B. Gutierrez

"Literatronic: Adaptive Digital Narrative"

Internet 2006

Presentation on a laptop computer

see http://www.literatronic.com

Adaptivity is achieved by an algorithm that makes an approximation to a Hamiltonian cycle in a weighted graph with weights that vary in time according to a coupled set of ODE's. The solution of a multi-terminal network flow on such graph solves the optimization problem of minimizing hypertextual attraction (a measure of narrative continuity) and hypertextual friction (a measure of the risk of loosing readers' attention).

Juan B. Gutierrez
4th-year Graduate Student, Department of Mathematics, Florida State University

Statement about my art:
"The use of digital media for literary production has lead to the appearance of a new element that did not exist in printed narrative: the computer as a "media that acts on the message". The concept of book is replaced by that of information system, in which the 'book' is adapted to every reader based on his/her interaction, leading every time to a potentially unique read. Adaptive books cannot be reproduced on paper except, perhaps, as a reading path at a given moment. Literatronic means "letter that cannot be without digital media".