Imameddin Amaraslan


Digital print, 17.0 cm x 9.4 cm., 2000

Figure 1.

This illusion is based on viewing with two eyes. At focusing the eyes as shown in Fig. 1 we will see: a) normal; b) and c) the object appears closer, d) and e) the object seems to be further away. Note that the filled circles represent the real object, while the hollow circles are the respective false images. For easily finding the 3D view, I would like suggest to inexperienced persons that in the beginning they try to test by crossing their eyes as shown in Fig. 1b and 1c. In the case of color pictures such as "Birds", as a result from the superposition of existing colors we will observe new colors, which are absent in the original picture.

Imameddin Amiraslan(ov)
DPh, Crystallographer, Institute of Physics, NAS, Baku, Azerbaijan and IMB, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan or