2005 Joint Mathematics Meetings
Exhibit of Mathematical Art

The physical art exhibit took place in Atlanta, Georgia on January 4-8, 2005, as part of the 2005 Joint Mathematics Meetings. It was organized by Robert Fathauer, Nat Friedman, and Reza Sarhangi. Click here to see some photographs from the exhibit. This online exhibit shows the same works that were on display in Atlanta.

The individual artists own the copyright for their respective images. The images may not be reproduced or used in any manner without the permission of the artist.

Click on the artist's name below to see the work(s) in the exhibit by that artist and to learn more about each artist.

Ergun Akleman

Anne Burns

Jason Cantarella and Michael Piatek

Douglas Dunham

Robert Fathauer

Michael Field

Gwen Fisher

Herbert Franke

Bathsheba Grossman

George Hart

Teja Krasek

Piotr Krawczyk

Robert Krawczyk

Eric Landreneau

Ozan Ozener

Irene Rousseau

Carlo Séquin

Clifford Singer

John Sullivan

Mary Williams