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Suman Vaze



Acrylic on canvas, 24”x 24”, 2008.

The sum of the perpendicular distances from any point within an equilateral triangle to the sides of the triangle is fixed. To depict this, I have divided the big triangle into several smaller equilateral triangles. In this triangle, the sum of the perpendicular distances is 16, hence the title.

"Burning Banks"

Acrylic on canvas, 24”x 30”, 2009.

Place a point on a sheet of paper and fold the edges of the paper so that the edges touch the point and are parallel to the original edge. The folds make a shape similar to the original but a quarter of the original area. If the sheet is now folded so that the vertices touch the point, the slant fold lines pass through the points of intersection of the edge folds. These fold lines are reminiscent of the iconic HSBC and Bank of China buildings in Hong Kong. The green construction shrouds stifle many banking institutions today.

Suman Vaze, Teacher of Mathematics, King George V School, English Schools Foundation, Hong Kong
Hong Kong

"I seek to depict interesting mathematical truths, curiosities and puzzles in simple, visually descriptive ways. Mathematical amusements inspire the color and form in my paintings, and I try to strike a balance between the simplicity of the concepts and their depiction in art. The logic and balance of the discipline is beautiful, and I like art that both stills and stimulates the mind – these are the qualities I strive to capture in my work. I find that the current affairs of the world also influence my paintings which sometimes have both a mathematical and a social perspective."