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Andrew Pike


"Sierpinski Carpet"

Digital (Printed on Canvas),16.75” x 20.25”, 2007.

“Sierpinski Carpet" is a tile mosaic of Waclaw Sierpinski. Each tile is an iteration of the Sierpinski carpet. When viewed up close, the separate squares are clearly visible. Stepping back reveals what appears to be a grainy photograph of Sierpinski.

"Sierpinski Gasket"

Digital (Printed on Canvas), 16.75” x 20.25”, 2009.

“Sierpinski Gasket” is a companion piece to my earlier piece “Sierpinski Carpet.” The same image was used to create another mosaic, this time using iterations of the Sierpinski gasket as tiles. Up close, the triangles are easy to see. However, from a distance the tiles come together to show Sierpinski's picture.

Andrew Pike, Graduate Student

Entomology Department, Michigan State University

"After being introduced the the world of mathematical art by working for a year with Robert Bosch, I still feel new to the game. I am more interested in the process of creating art than the final form, so math art is a natural route for me to take. Challenges such as finding the optimal colouring for pictures under certain restrictions and creating mosaics that resemble a well known picture from afar intrigue me, and make the art come more alive to me."