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Mehrdad Garousi


"Sea at the sunset (part 1)"

Digital art print, 24" x 32", 2008.

Process of magnification in outer border of Mandelbrot fractal. (a) is a simple display of Mandelbrot set. Magnification of (b) is 5.8×103, that of (c) is 5.8×105 and finally zoom level of (d) is 5.8×107.

"Sea at the sunset (part 2)"

Digital art print, 36" x 24", 2008.

In (a) we change our point of view to the previous zoomed Mandelbrot image by changing angle of the image from horizon to make it flat. And in (b) I have provided ten other different layers of this image, each has only a little difference in zoom and transparency from the previous ones. Here, you can watch the result of overlaying these ten new layers on the first one.


"Sea at the sunset (part 3)"

Digital art print, 36" x 11", 2008.

I have changed and regularized the colors near what I wanted by putting five other layers of Mandelbrot set with more blue, red, yellow and white colors on previous ones. It should be mentioned that in most stages of the color control process I have not changed the color of Mandelbrot fractal, but I zoomed in the suitable color I needed. For example, to make color of the image more yellow, I have provided a new layer, zoomed in its yellowish area and put it on all other layers. However, the painting now consists of 16 layers.

"Sea at the sunset"

Digital art print, 36" x 11", 2008 .

After adding five other layers that balance colors better and display the sun in the painting, we obtain the complete landscape. Now we have a 21 layer landscape in which everyplace is zoomed, just like a real landscape, which faces to more and more complexities.

Mehrdad Garousi, Freelance fractal artist, painter and photographer
Freelance artist

Hamadan, Iran

"Fractal images exploit a great deal of abstraction and are very wonderful and out of expectation for observers. These mathematical images are clear exposures of complexity, fractal dimension and self similarity which are presented simultaneously and provide unique views. On the other hand, fractals are representations of the nature behaviors and arise from the heart of nature. Therefore, it must be possible to use these fractal properties and images in the creation of natural and realistic phenomena and landscapes. Here I am going to, briefly and completely visually, explain different processes of creating an absolutely realistic fractal painting, as real as nature landscapes, entitled “Sea at the sunset”. There will be no difference in which program or software we do the processes of our image making. I have only used Mandelbrot fractal with some magnifications and sometimes shade transparencies in some of its colors. Therefore, I have never used any distorting, erasing or any image processing software like Adobe Photoshop. My only material is Mandelbrot set with some variables and parameters."