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Elaine Krajenke Ellison


"Nature's Numbers"

Art Quilt, 25.5" x 42", 2008.

The Fibonacci numbers are found many places in nature. This quilt focuses on the pineapple, the coneflower, the pinecone, the leaf lettuce, and the artichoke. Also included is the celery cross-section that illustrates the placement of the stalks at the Golden Angle of 137.5 degrees between the stalks. Botanists, economists, designers, artists, biologists, and marketing fields have used the Fibonacci numbers in their respective areas. The quilt illustrates Graeco Roman perspective.

"Fabulous Fibonacci Flowers"

Art Quilt, 18.5" X 29.5", 2007.

This five point perspective quilt is an example of anamorphic art. The five petal Impatiens flower illustrates the use of the Fibonacci numbers in nature. The flowers set in a silver bowl show fascinating reflections. Capturing the flower reflection along with the artist's silhouette was a challenge. Curved surfaces generate interesting mathematics with the distortions. This quilt captures this idea in a beautiful way.

Elaine Krajenke Ellison, Retired high school mathematics teacher
West Lafayette High School, Purdue University, Sarasota, Florida

The appreciation and demystification of mathematics is a common thread that runs through my mathematical art. I settled on the medium of fabric in the early 1980's as the fabric was useful in constructing mathematical topics I was teaching. Over the years, I have been fortunate to share the mathematical quilt stories with quilt groups, mathematical groups, museums, and various interested groups. I look forward to meeting the mathematicians and artists that have inspired my work over the years at the Bridges 2009 conference!