Samuel Verbiese

Doctor in Mechanical Engineering/Structures, now active as a freelance plastician artist

"Besides expressionistic painting and sculpting of the figure and portrait, I am recurrently drawn into geometric projects, probably by previous life . Here I present works on knots, on fractal stars and the golden section and on some unlikely transforms of a sculpture that has since been installed on a traffic island. In all these works there is again a common urge to link geometrical realities to human expressions. Several techniques are proposed in a 3-D installation, a computer animation and lithographic drawings."

“ Tribute to Escher's 'Three Worlds' ”

2003, used leaded ropes from a Brittany port that held fishing nets on the bottom of the sea, knotted together in a mat using smaller used fishing ropes, these connections being colored in acrylic paint dyed with red or blue Indian pigments, about 1m x 2m, plus appended paper "Merging a Tibetan Endless Loop with an Ocean Plat".

Two 4x4 "endless" (false) knots (also known as "knot of life" or "knot of love", these "Shiri Vasta" knots being one of the eight symbols of Tibetan Buddhism),  are weaved together with one 3x3 "ocean plat", in a new endless (true) knot.  In contrary to the combined (true) knot featuring one of each of those two kinds of knots, in which case the knots are not weaved "in themselves" considered alone but need each other to get weaved, the present configuration allows them to be weaved also "in themselves", as can be traced using the colored connections distinguishing them.
The three worlds refer to the "roof of the world", the sea level and the bottom of the sea.

“Legs and (pacific) Arms Dynamic Salad”

2003, KnotPlot ( computer animation, size of laptop, with a vocal and jazzed version of Erik Satie's "Vexations" (, with special thanks to Mathias Rüegg of the Vienna Art Orchestra for his kind help, plus appended paper “From the Roesse Kapoenen to the real moving thing…”

This work results from the unbinding of a wire-frame rendition of the La Hulpe sculpture 'The Giants' Friends'.  The computer model is slowly relaxed, expanded/retracted subject to a particular cocktail of KnotPlot physical parameters suggesting strange lifelike human forms. 

“ Fractal Shining ”

2004, Lithograph , using scratched lithographic crayons and "touche" ink, about 50 cm x 70 cm

Due to the Golden Ratio content of the Pentagram, it can be fractalized at will. The resulting stars are differently rendered with lithographic techniques.

“Fée qu'Ondée des Toiles ”

2004, Lithograph drawing, about 50 cm x 70 cm

The 'Fractal Shining' lithograph has been further reworked to display a special composition of knotted paper strips which are known to present perfect pentagrams with intense illumination from behind. Two consecutive fractal instances involving mathematical symbols are opposed in a suggestive fusion revealed by the work's French (cryptic) title...