Hans Kleinsman

Freelance artist, The Netherlands

I am a professional artist and make lithographs (stone-prints). Stone-printing is an old print technique that, after 1950, mainly is used by visual artists.

I make my drafts for the lithographs on the computer. I fill planes with grids from light, word rhythm, strings, solutions, etc.

The lithographs for Bridges in Leeuwarden are formed from 81 Sudoku solutions. The position of the color is determined by the Sudoku solution. The shape of the patches I determine in Adobe Illustrator. I work in Illustrator because I need a vector output for my drawing-machine (self-designed and constructed) that directly, computer controlled, draws or paints on a litho-stone! The only litho-drawing machine worldwide!

In everything you can see a grid, a 'Format'. The structure that you see is the recognition. The 'Format' is the impression. I fill in planes with my own grids. The shape and rhythm of the grids are created by light, sets, solutions, text, rhythm, color, etc. Most lithographs I made have 8 to 16 printings; e.g., when I want green I print a yellow and then a blue print. I only print cyan, red, orange, yellow, silver and gold. All other colors are composed during the printing process.

I print on plastic paper, 200 grams, Yupo. The paper has a soft grain and was created for printing; it needs little ink. The colors on the plastic paper are very clear and direct. Another advantage is that the paper remains tight, even when it is moist and the lithographs do not need to be covered with glass.


“Solution 1”

2007, Lithograph, 31" x 44" (including frame)

“Solution 2”

2007, Lithograph, 31" x 44" (including frame)

“Solution 3”

2007, Lithograph, 31" x 44" (including frame)