Peter Jansen

Freelance Artist

"As an artist nowadays the computer is my main instrument in making sculptures. I was strangely attracted to the beautiful renderings with Chaoscope of 3d strange attractors. When I read on the forum it wouldn't be possible to make them as real life forms I got enormously triggered. So after a lot of exercising it was possible at the end to make almost perfect meshes from the pointcloud data that Chaoscope with the help of Nicolas Desprez, can produce. After that I could make solids out of it and repair the .stl files so they could be printed in polyamide (sls) or in a resin by wich it is possible with vacuum casting to cast them in bronze."


“Lorenz-84 L840001 ”

2007, Polyamide, 123 x 102 x 88 mm

Lorenz-84 equation

“ Lorenz_84 L840006 ”

2007, Polyamide, 66x131x139 mm

Lorenz-84 equation

“ Lobster ”

2007, Polyamide, 141x200x79 mm

Chaotic Flow equation

“ Julia 6002 ”

2007, Polyamide, 200x186x110 mm

Julia equation

“ PS0812 ”

2007, Polyamide, 130x158x118 mm

Polynomial Sprott equation