James Hunt

Emeritus Professor of Physics, University of Guelph

"The 7 panels describe (and the accompanying assembled anamorphoses demonstrate) the mathematical; evolution of the Channel Anamorphosis from its historical simple form with several major distortions to what I call the "exact" form with all perspective distortions mathematically analyzed and compensated."


“The Mathematical Evolution of the Channel Anamorphosis ”

2008, Laser Printing, Paper construction, 7 descriptive panels 8 X 11 inches and seven anamorphoses of various sizes up to 8X8 inches

The simple 60 prism channel anamorphosis suffers from 3 major flaws: 1. It must be viewed from infinity to separate the channels, 2. the strips are tilted and thus foreshortened and 3. The array is tilted and thus further foreshortened. In this sequence of calculations and constructions I show how the distortions can be compensated culminating in a channel anamorphosis ("exact") that has no foreshortening distortions and must be viewed from a finite point.