Akio Hizume

Freelance artist

"The golden section is the simplest fractal generator I defined. Dead-locked contemporary arts had to take up such a new mathematical tool, and afterwards the attempts to apply it to creation have inspired fundamental science, as M.C. Escher did. The Penrose lattice will innovate not only in music, graphics and architectural design, but also human thought. It is a tool that unveils the form of nested universe as Ouroboros (an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon swallowing its own tail and forming a circle).

I don't separate science and art. Both of them are human Arts. I have made architectural sculpture, city design, graphics, music, scientific research, etc. Every work is based on the common mathematical structure. The difference is just dimension of space.

I try to bring to fruition the forthcoming architecture and music in the world."


“Fibonacci Dragon ”

2005, print on paper, 24" x 36"

Fibonacci Tornado is a generalization of the classical phyllotaxy spirals, which consist of all similar triangles. The result is a computer graphic design for a public sculpture. These spirals based on phyllotaxy are only possible for a restricted set of numbers -- the Fibonacci numbers!

“ Paper windmill of FIBONACCI TORNADO ”

2008, paper, bamboo, 12" x12" x 24"

This kinetic object is an application of the Fibonacci Tornado.