Edmund Harriss

Mathematician, Imperial College London

"I am a professional mathematician, interested in the images that can be generated using mathematics and how those can be made to look beautiful. I am especially interested in ways in which these images can be used to show the beauty of mathematics in an accessible manner."


“16 Squares ”

2008 (Note photo is of work in progress), Oil on Canvas, 12"x16"

Squares picked out from a ruled surface.

“ Nautilus and Conch ”

2006, Laser Cut wooden Tiles. Within 12"x12", the tiles need to lie flat on the table and can be positioned in many ways.

These two tiles represent a break-through in the study of Rauzy fractals. These are certain shapes related to substitution rules using letters. There is an extensive theory in the case where the scaling of the substitution rule was a PV (sometimes called Pisot) number, these are real algebraic numbers greater than one all of whose algebraic conjugates have absolute value less than one. These tiles and their associated tilings were the first example of a dual using a non-PV number. They were discovered by the artist in conjunction with Pierre Arnoux, Maki Furukado and Shunji Ito.

“ Sakura ”

2007, Inkjet on Washi, A4

A pattern using the Penrose tiling and its substitution rule to colour each point.