Gary R. Greenfield

Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science, Mathematics & Computer Science Department, University of Richmond

"My computer generated algorithmic art works are based on visualizations of simulations inspired by mathematical models of natural processes. Examples include cell morphogenesis, swarm behavior, and diffusion limited aggregation. By controlling various drawing attributes, and by making use of image compositing techniques, I try to focus the viewer's attention on the complexity underlying such processes."


“Self Portrait 2008 ”

2008, Digital Print, 4" x 6" unframed

A digital photograph was down sampled to provide a 150 x 200 pixel source image that was enlarged by a factor of nine using custom software in such a way that (1) each enlarged pixel is represented by two composited dendrites obtained from a diffusion limited aggregation (DLA) simulation, and (2) almost all enlarged pixels are connected to an adjacent enlarged pixel by a third dendrite. In this way, the resulting "Self Portrait 2008" is both a mosaic and a space-filling curve.