Koert Feenstra

Freelance Artist

" I am a digital/3D artist. Over the years I have developed a preference for optical illusions. The 'Moiré effect' in particular, because it is a phenomenon many (such as photographers) seem to avoid because it disrupts their end result. It is this disruption that has my attention. When you isolate the phenomenon, patterns appear that are of great beauty. Drawing these patterns is a challenge because at first glance there seem to be no clear explanation why exactly interference creates the moiré patterns shown in general. Leaving the calculations on that subject to science, it is my goal to create moiré patterns that appear in a form that I have had a major influence on. My influence on these patterns grows slowly but steadily. Aesthetically my patterns reveal that the phenomenon produces images that intrigue rather than irritate."


“Opening ”

2008, Print on linen, 50 cm x 50 cm

Moiré patterns are produced by interference. In this work two grids of lines interfere. As is often the case in mathematics, small changes produce big consequences. The two grids in this image are the same with this exception that the upper grid is very slightly bend. The big consequence is that the normally irregular moiré pattern that appears when using two similar grids, now shows a regular circle like form within the pattern. This is astonishing because the regular circle is part of the irregular pattern.

“ Open”

2008, Print on linen, 50 cm x 50 cm

Following the description for Submission #1, I turned the upper grid along it's height (Z) axes just 1 degree. A small change. The big consequence is that the circle like form moves towards the centre of the pattern while remaining a part of that pattern.

“Closing ”

2008, Print on linen, 50 cm x 50 cm

(Having turned the upper grid 1 degree in Submission #2, I again turned the upper grid along it's height axes. The consequence of this was that the circle like form seemed to dissolve in the pattern.) ( The circle like forms in Submissions #1 to #3 are not lucky coincidences. Other works of mine on the subject using the same technique show the same effect.)

“ Unsettled depth #1 ”

2007, Print on linen, 50 cm x 50 cm

Moiré patterns produced by using two grids of lines are very one dimensional. By using colour I wanted to create more depth in the pattern. In such a fashion that it was aesthetically appealing to me. The result was an image that somehow referred to a darker more cynical period in my life. A mathematical/ physical phenomenon that I influenced with my own calculations and preferences (colours and shapes) produced an image that represents my sentiments of about a decade ago; cynical and suspicious of what "beauty" might look like.

“Unsettled depth #2”

2007, Print on linen, 50 cm x 50 cm

Same description as for Submission #4