Anne Burns

Professor of Mathematics, Long Island University, Brookville, NY, USA

"Our campus ran a conference last year whose theme was 'My Work and my Play'. One of the best aspects of the Math-Art connection is that I can say 'my work is my play and my play is my work'. I like to write computer programs which experiment with visualizing almost any mathematical concept and imitating structures found in nature."


“Summertime ”

2007, digital print, 18" x 16" (framed)

“ Sierpinski Triangle Eroding ”

2007, digital print, 17" x 16" (framed)

In my Bridges paper I describe an animation made by changing the parameters in an Iterated Function System. In the animation the Sierpinski Triangle gradually erodes into other fractals, some resembling fractal flowers.

“ Kaleidoscope ”

2008, digital print, 12" x 12" (framed)

A frame from a kaleidoscope program written in Flash.

“ Orbits ”

2006, digital print, 14" x 12" (framed)

Orbits of points obtained by iterating f(z) = z² + c