Anand Bora

Software Engineer, Aricent, Bangalore

"I have always been fascinated by the works of Escher and Da Vinci. I want to use simple lines which are formed by equations and simple geometric lines to form artworks. I want to show that beautiful works can be created on the basis of conventional mathematical equations and fundamentals."


“Fusion ”

2007, Paper, 28 inches (length) x 22 inches (width)

The lower lines are lines of exponential series. I have taken them because disintegration or integration of the exponential function is the same. The background curves are derived by applying the golden number to the Lame's curve function. 'n' is subtituted as 'PHI' and '1/PHI' in the Lame's curve equation. The leaf has kites whose number is dependent on golden equation and Fibonacci series. The Mexican hat wavelet function is on top of the stalk of leaf. The stalks on sides increase in geometric progression in the ratio of 2:1. I have written a literary code which contains hints for all the mathematical concepts, I have used. I am a fan of India,Mexico and Italy, Literature gives clues ascending serially. Break the lines or join them, they are the same; Background curves have golden MALE in their name. The sacred leaf has playthings inside, Golden balance and recursive series - its numeral guide. Crown from the far West shines on the head, Progressive geometry of stalks have never been read.