Boaz Axelrad and Daniel Wyllie

Boaz Axelrad is the inventor of i-gami. Daniel Wyllie is an Assistant Professor; Boaz Axelrad works at Plastic Play Inc., Toronto, Ontario. Daniel Wyllie is in the Descriptive Geometry and Technical Drawing Department, Universidade Federal do Paraná - UFPR, Curitiba, Brazil

i-gami is a plastic module that is ideal for the construction of various polyhedra.

“Hexecontahedron ”

2008, i-gami plastic origami, 45cm diameter sphere

This Hexecontahedron has the symmetry of a dodecahedron; however, every one of its pentagons is constructed as a five face structure. This Hexecontahedron is made of 420 ichi-gami pieces.