Tan Yakut

"Impossible Shape No. 1"

Digital print, 40 cm X 40 cm, 2006.

Based on the grid, from the points on the X axis that has equal distance to the points on the Y axis which has the same distance, I generated the straight lines with the program called 3-d max. Afterwards the generated shape was mirrored to XY coordinates and then the new generated shape was mirrored to YZ coordinates. In conclusion the same process was lastly applied to YZ coordinates in order to completely generate the base shape. In this way according to the angle of view different convexes were produced despite of impossibility. Different impossible shapes can be generated by mirroring the shape we explained above.

"Impossible Pyramid #2"

Digital print, 40cm X 40cm, 2006.

Same information as above, furthermore here although the generated shape is a pyramid. When we look from the angle on top of the pyramid it appears to be generated with unequal areas although the surface of a pyramid consist of equal areas.



"The parabola on the canvas #3"

Canvas, 60cm X 60cm, 2006.

"Impossible Pyramid #2 (detail)

Here is the information about a square that has any side streched with perpendicular string of one sheet across diagonal of the square. In this way the other sides of the square were processed. So I had four paraboloid shapes generating the convex figure due to mesh each other.As an esthetic view I used the same colour on the rope and on the background. On the other hand I tried to generate the volume of the rope with the shade and the light coming into the work.

Tan Yakut
Student of Art, Yildiz Technical University, Art and Design Faculty /Istanbul

" I have been studying at different disciplines of fine arts- painting and designing- which combines sculpture. Although at the beginning of my education , I worked on classical art, nowadays I have been interested in op-art including math .

In my applications, I tried to generate construction of optical illusion and ruled shapes using the basic mathematical rules and geometrical figures. The main idea using of math in my works is that it is objective and could be improvable , which makes me work hard and create new works. In these works, I was inspired by the artists using op-art and modern art met math , Naum Gabo, Antoine Pevsner , Ilhan Koman…..I have recently been working on developable surfaces."