Benjamin Storch

"Through the Centre"

Sterling silver, slate base, 16.5 x 20 x 5 cm., 2007.

Based on a surface spanning a space curve and a circle, where the former passes through the latter. The space curve was inspired by 'harmonograms' and 'Lissajous' curves, the design was based on a drawing that was subsequently modelled in CAD to visualise the curvature transitions. The surface has negative curvature where appropriate.

"Minimal Mebius"

Silver, slate base, 16 x 15 x 5 cm. , 2007.

Based on a mathematically modeled Moebius form, using a Maple programme written by John Oprea (Professor of Mathematics at Cleveland State University). With such a small opening, the edge curve assumes a strong spiral quality.

"Space Knot"

Silver, slate base, 18 x 17 x 13 cm. , 2007.

A ribbon-like space knot with varying width, modeled in a CAD programme.

Benjamin Storch
Freelance Artist

"My work originates from a desire to create dynamic surfaces in metal. Inspired by a kinaesthetic sense of motion and imagery of dynamical systems in physics, the work draws on practical experiments, mathematical rendering and visualisation via CAD. Twisting surfaces involve a special geometry of negative curvature, which is the opposite principle to spherical form. Their creation requires a complex metalsmithing technique, where the peripheral surface areas are stretched and the central areas are compressed. My recent work is primarily larger in scale, using sheet metal as well as tube."