Jessica Sklar, Matthew Fishburn and Shawna Holman

"The Ideal Vacuum"

Black and White Photography, 34" X 31", 2007.

In this project, we present a collection of photographic metaphors for abstract algebraic concepts. The series has a two-fold purpose: first, to be available as a learning aid for abstract algebra students, and second, to be an attractive work of art that can perhaps engage the general public in conversations about higher-level mathematics.

Jessica Sklar, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Mathematics Department, Pacific Lutheran University
Matthew Fishburn, Research Scientist/Engineer, Redmond Plasma Physics Laboratory, University of Washington
Shawna Holman, Environmental Planner, Parametrix, Inc.

"Our goal is to popularize higher mathematics through aesthetically appealing and thought-provoking artistic works. Rather than employing explicitly mathematical images, we use ordinary objects as visual metaphors for abstract mathematics."