Laura Shea

"Blossoms in the Square Bangle"

Beadwork-3 mm crystal beads and monofilament, 3.25" X 3.25", 2006.

Bead frame polyhedra—truncated octahedra, cubes, and great rhombicuboctahedra connected at their faces.


"Bridal Party Choker"

Crystal Beads, monofilament, sterling clasp, bead wire, Necklace length 16.25"; tiling dimensions 2" X 3", 2005.

Angle stitched beadwork based on a semi-regular tiling of dodecagons, squares and hexagons


"Have a Heart Bracelet"

Beadwork- size 11 Japanese seed beads, 2mm round crystals, crystal ice fire line, gold clasp, 8.5" X 1.5", 2007.

Triangle stitch, double sided and reversible based on regular triangle tiling.

"Rainbow Mandala"

Beadwork - Delica tube beads, Nymo D thread, 12" X 10.5", 2000.

Triangle stitch (around the hexagon), spectrum color scheme

"Dot Dash Bracelet"

Beadwork-size 11 Japanese seed beads, small magatama bead pendants, Nymo B thread, bead button self-closures, 8" X 1", 2006.

3 dimensional triangle stitch and transformed dodecahedra

Laura Shea
Beadwork Artist and Author

"My work explores simple and complex two and three dimensional geometric forms using beads and thread in a variety of sizes and materials. I specialize in "angle stitching". The three regular tilings (square, triangle, and hexagon) can be interpreted in specific styles of bead netting known as right angle weave, triangle stitch, hexagonal stitch and semi-regular tilings. I construct and combine regular and semi-regular polyhedra as bead frame structures often transforming the basic polyhedral patterns by adjusting the size and placement of the beads."