Cayetano Ramirez

"Fractal 3D1"

Sculpture, 5.9" X 5.9" X 6.7", 2007.

The principal purpose with this sculpture is offer to the people the opportunity to touch and to observe a wonderful and natural 3D fractal. This sculpture is obtained making previously a mold of the natural vegetable. The material used is silicone


Sculpture, 5.9" X 5.9" X 6.7", 2007.

The sculpture is obtained in the same form that the piece of submission 1, but in this case the material used is resin.



Sculpture, 15.36" X 6.7" X 16.54", 2005.

This figure arises from the stone in which it is carved, that is, the name of this stone is yellow fossil because its petrifaction is with marine snails. Then I felt the necessity to carve snails using different spirals. The technique used in this case it is drawing in the stone the spiral and carving using the technique of direct carve.



Sculpture, 14.57" X 24" X 16.7", 2006.

Same description as submission 3.


Cayetano Ramirez
Freelance artist

"I am an artist that I like very much the classic sculpture. In the classic sculpture the mathematics play a very important role. With my art I try to express the mathematics curves and lines into a classical forms. I use different techniques. From the direct carve to the points technique, as well as, the creation of molds of the natural forms. I always have used the mathematics like a useful tool to create my art, however, I started to create mathematical art after to visit the University of Groningen with my wife, that she is a mathematicians. This university has, as other universities of the north of Europe, a very nice collection of mathematical sculptures. In those sculptures I discovered the cleanest forms that I have never seen. Moreover, I had the opportunity to know them because the University offered to me to restore the collection."