M. E. Naylor

"Human Polyhedra"

Digital print, 34" X 9", 2007.

A The Platonic solids are the fundamental polyhedral forms, each consisting of identical regular polygon faces meeting at identical vertices. So important are these five shapes that they gave rise to the word “quintessential”. Their beauty, mystery, and connection to humanity is expressed in these human forms.

"Family Tree"

Digital print, 14" X 26", 2006.

This binary fractal tree branches into two parts, each one-half the size of the previous, and continues in this manner infinitely. Each of us can be thought of as the trunk of a family tree, the product of a two parents, each of which is the product of two parents, and so on to before memory.

M. E, Naylor
Associate Professor of Mathematics, Mathematics Department, Western Washington University

"Beauty is everywhere to be found - the beauty of the human form, the beauty of geometric structures, and the beauty of ideas and relationships. By combining mathematics, art, and the human form, these works seek to simultaneously appeal to the viewer's mind, body, and spirit. "

A collection of this work, annotated with mathematics facts and folklore, is published in the book "Naked Geometry" available at www.nakedgeometry.com.
and www.humangeometry.com