George Hart


Acid-free card, 7" diameter, 2007.

Arrows is assembled from parts that are cut out very accurately with a computer-controlled paper cutter. The shape was carefully calculated so that the parts slide together precisely without glue and each remains planar. Details are given in my paper in the proceedings. The sixty identical arrow-shaped parts directly illustrate the sixty elements of the icosahedral rotation group. There are ten parts in each of six colors. The ten arrows of each color form two circles of five, in two parallel planes, illustrating a dihedral subgroup. Parallel circles rotate in opposite directions around a common axis. This form is a development of a six-foot diameter wooden sculpture I made for Burning Man 2006, but that did not use arrows or colors. That sculpture was inspired by some designs by the sculptor Rinus Roelofs, who was in turn inspired by some designs in the notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci.

George Hart
Research Professor, Dept. Computer Science, Stony Brook University

"I enjoy using computer technology in the design and fabrication of sculpture."