Paul Gailiunas

"Figure/ground spirals"

Laser print, 10" X 10", 2006.

Four-armed monohedral spiral tiling. Red and white tiles show the spirals, black tiles the underlying chevron structure. The non-black regions consist of a cross and an offset saltire cross.

"Periodic Spirals"

Laser print, 9" X 12", 2006.

Monohedral tiling consisting of three-armed and six-armed spirals that will fit together to cover the plane. Three colours are sufficient to show the s-shaped paths formed when the spiral arms combine.


"Two spirals for the price of one"

Laser print, 10" X 20" (#3 and #4 framed together), 2007.

The same monohedral tiling can be seen as five -armed spirals of either sense. The two colourings show how.

"Asymmetric Tiling"

Laser print, 10" X 10", 2007.

The same tile as that in #3/#4 will allow a wide range of tessellations. This one consists of five congruent wedge-shaped regions that will fit together in a pattern with five-fold central symmetry, but here they have been displaced to leave a gap that can be filled using the same tile.

Paul Gailiunas
High school teacher, Gosforth High School, Newcastle, UK

"The works are based on tilings described either at Bridges 2000 or at this year's conference. They have been coloured to make them visually interesting, and to emphasise some aspect(s) of the mathematical construction."