Anne Burns

"Imaginary Garden"

Digital print, 14" X 11", 2007.

The plants in this "garden" were programmed in Visual Basic using L-Systems (string rewriting). The details can be found in my Bridges 2007 paper.

"Inverse Cayley Transform"

Digital print, 14" X 10", 2007.

This is an iterated function system, programmed in Visual Basic, that consists of Mobius Transformations. After the iterations the results are mapped into the upper half plane using the inverse of the Cayley Transformation.

Anne Burns
Professor of Mathematics, Long Island University, C.W. Post Campus, Brookville, NY

"Before studying mathematics I was an art major. Computer programming allows me to combine my love of art, my love of mathematics and my love of nature to create visually appealing graphics. Another of my hobbies is identifying wild flowers and I like trying to imitate plant growth and structure in my programs"