Laura Shea

"Archimedes Transformations Necklaces"

Morphed and reversed versions of truncated icosahedron beads; crystal bicone beads, monofilament, sterling clasp; 16-18", 2005.

"Triangle Wave Bracelet"

Triangle stitch self-embellished; seed beads (Japanese size 11), Fireline, sterling bar clasp; 1.5" x 9", 2005.

"Rainbow Lei"

Eureka beads (truncated icosahedra each sprouting 12 dodecahedra, pentagonal toggle clasp of dodecahedra chain; matte seed beads (Japanese size 11), Silamide thread, Conso cord, 26" long, 2003.

"Totally Polyhedron Lariat"

Chain of dodecahedra, with morphed and embellished truncated icosahedra, cubes, truncated octahedra, great rhombicuboctahedra and dodecahedra; seed beads (Japanese size 11, metallic finish), crystal bicones (3 mm), Nymo thread; 52" long, 2005.

Laura Shea

Beadwork Artist, Teacher, Author,
Parker, Colorado

" My work explores simple and complex two and three dimensional geometric forms using beads and thread in a variety of sizes and materials. I specialize in "angle stitching". The three regular tilings (square, triangle, and hexagon) can be interpreted in specific styles of bead netting known as right angle weave, triangle stitch (the Triangle Wave Bracelet above) and hexagonal stitch. Three of the above pieces are constructed with two regular and three semi-regular polyhedra (cube, dodecahedron, truncated octahedron, truncated icosahedron, and great rhombicuboctahedron) and morphs or "transformations" of these forms.

The first two volumes of my book series "Beading All the Angles " will be published in the fall of 2006. The books feature patterns and projects for seven of the regular and semi-regular polyhedrons. In addition to teaching a bead dodecahedron at Bridges for Teachers, Teachers for Bridges in London, I have been invited to teach several bead classes in England before the conference opens. "