2006 Bridges Exhibit of Mathematical Art
Held as part of the 2006 Bridges Conference on Mathematical Connections in Art, Music and Science

August 4 - 9, 2006, Institute of Education, London Knowledge Lab

Art Exhibit Coordinator: Robert Fathauer
Website Created by: Anne Burns
Jurors: Anne Burns, Robert Fathauer, Nat Friedman, Reza Sarhangi, and John Sharp

Click here to view photographs from the physical exhibit.

The copyrights on all images contained in this website belong to the individual artists. No use may be made of these images without first obtaining the artist's permission

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Richard Ahrens

Ergun Akleman

David Bailey

Douglas G. Burkholder

Anne Burns

Jacqui Carey

Mary Crowley

Gregory Epps

Robert Fathauer

Mike Field

Jacob Gagnon

Michael Green

Gary Greenfield
Bradford Hansen-Smith

Susan Happersett

Edmund Harriss

George Hart

Craig Kaplan

Eva Knoll

Ilhan Koman

Teja Krasek

Andy Lomas

Louise Mabbs

James Mai

Kaz Maslanka

Doreen Mason

Susan McBurney
Robert McDermott

Ulrich Mikloweit

Jennifer Moore

Justin Mullins

Sharol Nau

Roland de Jong Orlando

Curtis Palmer

Richard Phillips

John Pickering

Barbara Setsu Pickett

John Rigby

Rinus Roelofs

Carlo Séquin

John Sharp
Laura Shea

Clifford Singer

Stan Spencer

David Springett

Benjamin Storch

John Sullivan

Richard Sweeney

Jack Tait

Simon Thomas

Elizabeth Whiteley

Mary Williams

Felicity Wood

Gary Woodley