Bridges Leeuwarden

Mathematics, Music, Art, Architecture, Culture

Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

July 24-28, 2008

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Excursion and Events

Excursions and Events

The Excursion

The excursion starts from the conference site and takes the people to several monumental and historical churches built during the middle Ages that also are the exhibit place of artwork of several modern artists from the Netherlands and other European countries. The churches are located in beautiful landscapes surrounding the city of Leeuwarden.  The excursion then will continue with a guided tour of the city of Leeuwarden including visits to the National Ceramics Museum Het Princessehof (Birth house of M.C. Escher), and Fries museum.  The tour ends with the visit of the Leeuwarden City Hall building and a reception in that building.  The tickets will be sold during the first day of the conference. Detailed Excursion informaiton is available here.

Musical Event

There will be a night of music performed by a combination of Bridges conference participants and professionals.

Visual Art Exhibit

The Conference will be complemented by an exhibit of mathematical art. There are opportunities for participants and contributors to show their work in the exhibition. (Previous Bridges art exhibits are illustrated here.)

BTTB Workshops

Bridges for Teachers, Teachers for Bridges (BTTB) is a collection of special workshop sessions with a theme Fostering Understanding of Mathematical Visualization. BTTB is organized for K-12 teachers.

Family Day on July 29, 2008

To conclude the conference, an Open Day will be held on Tuesday, July 29, when the people of Leeuwarden can become acquainted with the work of a number of artists and scientists who participated in the conference BRIDGES. Most of the activities scheduled for the Open Day will be held outside. The starting location will be the Nationaal Keramiek Museum Het Princessehof (Grote Kerkstraat 11) , formerly the house where M.C. Escher was born. The BRIDGES Conference will devote considerable attention to Escher, and the museum’s educational department has developed a children’s programme related to Escher (making Escher puzzles and patterns, etc.). The Grote Kerkstraat, a monumental street in the inner heart of Leeuwarden will serve as a background for various booths at which artists and scientists from other countries can display their work and make contact with the public.

The scientists/artists will hold workshops for children and their parents that allow them to work together in using simple materials to create artistic domes, bamboo constructions, cardboard structures, etc.

The Open Day will be the last opportunity to view Elvira Wersche’s completed ‘art in progress project’ in the Waalse Church (Grote Kerkstraat 222).

ABCid, an artist collective (Carla van der Heijden and poet Baukje Wytsma), will provide an educational project.

De leaning tower of the Oldehove and the City Hall will be open to the public on July 29.